Accelerating Utah’s semiconductor research & innovation. Creating a highly skilled workforce through real life training.

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The Utah Network for Integrated COmputing and Semiconductor research and education (UNICOS) brings together all the stakeholders in the Utah semiconductor ecosystem with the ultimate goal of elevating Utah as a leader in the semiconductor industry. Led by the University of Utah, UNICOS is a network spanning the whole state.

UNICOS brings together all the major industrial partners as well as public and private universities and colleges in the state to provide workforce training and cutting-edge research so as to create a highly skilled semiconductor workforce and spark innovation.


The semiconductor industry is currently undergoing a resurgence at the national level as a result of the CHIPS act and related federal initiatives. Under the Chips and Science Acts and recent $11B investment plan by Texas Instruments to Utah, there are emerging demands for semiconductor workforce development, particularly with practical hands-on semiconductor fabrication and testing experience. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo emphasized that the nation must triple the number of graduates who are semiconductor industry-ready, while Texas Instruments announced the needs for at least 800 new jobs in the Lehi manufacturing site.

The mission of UNICOS is to create this highly skilled semiconductor workforce through real life training across world class state of the art facilities, provide and coordinate cutting edge research, and ultimately foster a thriving semiconductor ecosystem in Utah.

  • As part of its strategy, UNICOS will:

    1. Develop Utah semiconductor workforce at all levels, from high school graduates and Associates Degree holders to Bachelors, Masters and PhDs via close coordination between academic institutions and industrial partners across the state;
    2. Develop semiconductor design and fabrication stackable certificates with the goal of providing a solid foundation for both young students interested in careers in this area as well as for existing professionals looking for new career opportunities. These certificates will facilitate the transition into semiconductor-related careers to people without prior semiconductor background.
    3. Coordinate research and innovation efforts in semiconductor-related disciplines across the state.
  • The UNICOS Hub will generate synergy for semiconductor research and education across the State of Utah, boosting orchestrated efforts for workforce development and leadership in semiconductor research.

    1. Meeting industry needs

    Curriculum development based on industry needs
    New employee education, continuous education and career advancement opportunities for current workforce, boot camps
    Hands-on education for everyone in Utah
    Flexibility and accessibility: Online/remote education, MS programs, certificate programs

    2. Meeting academic need

    Well-aligned curricula between academic institutions (avoid waste of effort)
    Facility sharing – central training facility (increase usage and subsidize fees at Utah nanofab including a class fee exemption)

    3. Provide point-of-contact for industry collaboration

    Research collaboration
    Increased contractor operation in Utah branches
    Increased industrial revenues, and job growth for the state

    4. Establish a central force for large-scale research funding from DoD, DOE, and NSF

    1. Utah is one of the small number of states where all of the design, prototyping, and testing of semiconductors can be performed in one place.
    2. Utah has a thriving tech sector with a strong presence of semiconductor design and manufacturing companies.
    3. Utah has very strong educational institutions with faculty expertise expanding across the board in all fields related to semiconductor industry.
    4. The Utah Nanofab is the largest academic nanofabrication facility in the Northwest of the USA
  • Education timeline:

    Nov-Dec:  Form the core working group consisting of each university as well as industrial and academic advisory groups

    Jan-Feb:   Develop a shared curriculum and a stackable certificate

    Mar-Apr:   Finalize the training plans, legal & financial plans

    May-Jun:  Recruit and advertise, hold information sessions

    July-Aug:  Run the 1st hands-on training courses

    Fall semester 2024:  Run the lecture courses in each institution

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“The University of Utah's semiconductor facilities are nothing short of remarkable. It was a pleasure touring their facilities to see the benefits of having strong technological manufacturing in our country. The innovation brought to Utah by chip manufacturing and the university puts the state on the map. We are ready to become a leader in the semiconductor industry, and we are proud to house this astounding program in our state. The best is yet to come!”

-Congressman Burgess Owens

Laura King


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